One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.

Alan Tracy, Green Beret… NOT!!!

He was sent to us way back in 2014 after someone saw him running his mouth in a “Occupy Wall Street” forum. He claimed to have been a Green Beret in the 70’s and trained SWAT while a GB. We looked at his profile and saw him wearing a GB with no “Flash”. In fact, it didn’t even have a Candy stripe. We posted his name and claims in a vetted SF forum and couldn’t find anybody who knew him. We saved screen shots and started a file.

At the bottom of the picture section, click on the red bar for more pictures.

Somehow his case got lost the shuffle and never got worked. Fast forward to 2019. He was complaining about not being able to find a job on Facebook, and how he was a GB for 8 years. A fellow Green Beret saw the comment and wanted to help a brother out. He asked for his resume and it showed 18E (Special Forces Communications Sergeant). When emails started back and forth, he was asked to submit a DD214. Initially he said it was lost. When he submitted his NGB Form 22, it was clear he wasn’t what he claimed.

When questioned about it, he threatened to lawyer up. That’s when we were notified. We submitted our own request for records and confirmed what we already assumed.

Not only was he NOT a Green Beret, we don’t even see him as Airborne qualified, which is needed to be a Green Beret. We do see him as assigned to an SF unit as 64C, Light vehicle operator and also as a 94B cook.

We reached out to him for comment and he responded during the time he served, every person in the unit was considered a Green Beret. He admits he never completed the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course). He adds that he was an E-6 (wee see him as an E-4) and only put 18E on his resume to attract civilian employers.

You shouldn't claim to be a GB on your resume to attract Civilian employers if you aren't a Green Beret.

We don’t see him ever even attempting the SFQC. 

We reached out to him in a professional manner to discuss his claims and get clarification. He sent us a 4 page email that’s included in the pictures section and a followup email about stalking with various portions underlined.

The thing is, this isn't stalking. It's called correcting a blatant lie. It’s called asking a questions before an article is done and giving him every chance to clarify what might be a mistake. He said he never claimed to be “Flash” qualified. In his era, that would mean claiming to be SF Qualified. Yet in a screen shot in the picture section, he points out nobody noticed he was missing his “flash” as his wife wanted insisted on a picture and he was just issued a new uniform. He also claims 18E From 1977-84 yet he uses a National Geographic photo of ODA 321 and 325 from 2006 OEF deployment.

Green Beret: False

Airborne: False

8 years as a GB: False, he was assigned to 19th as a Cook and Light Vech Oper for about 4

18E: False, that needs to be removed from his resume.

His claim that "everybody in the unit was considered a Green Beret": False, it is a MUST the you graduate the SFQC/SFOC/SFTG to be considered a GB. He was a guy assigned to a Special Forces unit but NOT a Green Beret.

He’ll now be added to our Hall of Zeroes.

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We are former and current Green Berets who find and investigate those who falsely claim to be a Green Beret. We will never out someone unless we are 100% certain via FOIA and Bragg.

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Tom Kelly:

The type of individual who embellishes his service record for what reason. profit, glory, importance ??? They probably do not think anyone will find out the truth.


Are comments active?


I just wanted to say thank you for having the resources to check out these tools and the restraint to not lose it when you confront these folks. If you ever need help, let me know. I am a retired 1st Group guy with some time on my hands.


Who made the labels for the shadow box of military awards and decorations? Him?

There are some obvious errors (and not only the fact that the SF shoulder patch is missing the Airborne Tab and is upside down).

For example, The shoulder sleeve insignia of the 101st Airborne Division (the "Screaming Eagle") is labeled as "Airborne Army Ranger patch."

But notice there is a mix of insignia in which he actually affirms the information GOTGB recovered through a FOIA request:

1 - The enlisted insignia is that of Air Defense Artillery, (the brass disk of crossed cannon with a missile superimposed) that enlisted branch insignia matches military records that he entered Hawk Missile Crewman training at Ft. Bliss, TX (but apparently failed the course, because he was reclassified as a wheel vehicle driver).

2 - He appears to have added the bar for the U.S. Army Driver and Mechanics badge for [DRIVER-W] to an Expert Marksmanship Badge!? The bar is probably authorized, as he was in fact a wheeled vehicle driver per service records. But the bar does not belong on a weapons qualification badge.

3 - The patch labeled "White Sands Missile Range" is actually that of the Air Defense Artillery Center and School, originally at Ft. Bliss, TX but relocated to Ft. Sill, OK in 2009.

4 - The small brass eagle insignia, labeled as "U.S. Army Pin" is actually the reduced size hat insignia for a female officer (1 5/8" tall, vs. the male officer hat insignia that is 2 3/8" tall).

And so on. Where did the shadow box picture come from?


I put up with this sociopath in the SF Safe House, his constant need for attention was irritating at the least. I left the room due to his penetrating posts. I am not surprised to see he was a fake, Thx Guardians...

Stacey1ross :

We spent almost 2 years under the leadership of this man. We put our complete trust in him and now here we are. We are hurt and angered by this.


As of February 2019, David Shaffer was expelled from Minnesota Freemasonry and the Shriners because of this conduct.


It's been just over 12 years since he went to jail (then prison) for what he did to me. I'm still haunted by it all every day. He is a monster, true evil.

Anonymous :

I really can’t describe the feeling I had when I once again did the periodic check online to see if Gilbert had been arrested yet.I strangely found comfort in the fact that he was not captured and brought back to Florida for his warrants there . I knew he was in Colorado somewhere but I never wanted him to come back to Florida with another slap on the wrist or turning CI to get out of trouble and I feel at danger again , however , I never really felt safe knowing he was out there at all. I was contacted months back by someone asking if I had seen him and making sure I was safe because he stated he was coming back to Florida and was on the run from the FBI I was told . I didn’t sleep for a month well after that. I can’t describe the terror I dealt with being involved with this person , the healing that is still taking place for myself and my children . He is a lifelong con man , he’s very convincing and by the time you realize the truth you are in danger and he’s extremely violent . Being a con man he hatches elaborate ways to tear your life apart , set you up , spread convincing and dangerous lies , he managed to blackmail me for things that he created for me out of fear and the cloud of abuse and threats from him for so long . I tried many agencies to help me no one believed me or did anything about him . He would re enter my home for a year telling lies and slandering me across the internet social media , with people even threatening me because they believed him he was so convincing . I slept with baseball bats and knives for years because of him. My children are still tormented because of things he did and said and the entire experience . I actually had to leave my job , my home and my children just to get away from him .

He has always lied about being in the military , he had me convinced of the same thing as well as everyone who knew him for a long long time , also lied about being in with Florida motorcycle gangs and would use that as a threat as well , he always stated he was SF and medic , said injured in Afghanistan and that’s why he has seizures , also not true , I found evidence of him lying to women on social media also impersonating a SF years ago , he had gotten pictures of soldiers with beards that looked very much like him and he knew a lot of the lingo and studied it , he also pretended to be a firefighter and ex firefighter to people as well. That was another of his cons . He always wore military type gear and shirts he would buy offline or from people or army navy store etc I actually still have a couple of them around Idk why , maybe to remind me of what I let happen to me and the damage it did so that I never allow that to ever happen to me again. He changed me then in terrible ways and I never could figure out how to get away or out of the situations . I never experienced someone like him - in no fool or naive , I have an experienced life but the extent he will go .... photoshopping pictures , editing fake text conversations etc making false reports to child protection agencies etc etc .... people believe him and he can turn your life upside down between that , setting you up and threats Therof and physical violence . He has also been to prison in Massachusetts or Missouri I believe for weapons and violence against another woman I found out later . He treats his mother and youngest daughter the same way with threats and control and violence , has 3 other children all in different states as well .... he’s mentally disturbed and dangerous and I am hoping they actually keep him for a very long time so my children and I can feel safe .

I’m so happy you guys were diligent and captured him . The alias he was using is someone that I know as well whom was in prison when he started using that alias .

Thank you for flushing him out and catching him . Thank you so much I can’t explain how I felt

Reading all of this , validating things for me in a way because I don’t think a lot of people where I’m from still believed me . His lies seemed too far fetched , details and convincing fake evidence , he had people coming after me thinking I was many many things and done things I had not as a way to intimidate me .

I have a damaged jaw , ptsd and still working to start my life over in every aspect and help my kids overcome the damage that he did to them . His name and face will haunt me probably for life and I’m sorry to the other woman who fell for this because I completely and truly understand how it happens and the web that he weaves . I’m happy no one got physically hurt and I will hope to see him get some serious time .


Yet another Piece of Shit phony. When will it stop?

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