One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.
Richard "Rich" Hanlon, Green Beret... NOT!!

Richard "Rich" Hanlon, Green Beret... NOT!!

Ranger School knew he was a fraud without even checking.

We called our asset at RTB. It seems so many people have asked about him, they didn't even have to check records.

They already knew he was a Fraud because his name has been checked out many times before. We sent for his records and......

Peter Schlenker, Green Beret... NOT!!

Peter Schlenker, Green Beret... NOT!!

Claims time in Vietnam, also false.

Peter Schlenker, Fake Green Beret has also claimed to have been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Vietnam Cross of Gallantry.  These claims were supported by plaques that Schlenker owns and displays.

BRIAN R. MAGYAR Green Beret… NOT!!

BRIAN R. MAGYAR Green Beret… NOT!!

Another shiny bling collector

CW5 with 2 stars on his CIB. Many frauds don't realize how few people have earned 2 stars on a CIB

ROMEO ANTONIO NOEL PAPICA III aka Ran Papica, Green Beret... NOT!!

ROMEO ANTONIO NOEL PAPICA III aka Ran Papica, Green Beret... NOT!!

Filipino Spec Ops, Ranger, Delta, SF, all false

Ran used these false claims to attain money via fundraisers and conning friends and associates.

Tim Crabb, Airborne, Ranger, SF (Green Beret)... NOT!!

Tim Crabb, Airborne, Ranger, SF (Green Beret)... NOT!!

Once Guardians of The Green Beret contacted him, he quickly started removing his SF pictures and claims.

Who We Are

We are former and current Green Berets who find and investigate those who falsely claim to be a Green Beret. We will never out someone unless we are 100% certain via FOIA and Bragg.

Contact us.

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Recent comments

Salt Life Vet:

VFW Post 10226 voted unanimously at it's monthly meeting tonight to revoke his membership and he is also banned for life from the building. Now he will have to hang out at the Chuckee Cheese soda fountain and tell all the 8 year olds about his good old days in SF. But then again the 8 year olds will probably say "Dude, shut the f#ck up. You're a poser. Now pour me another orange soda".


I can tell you for a fact that he has never been to the VA for any treatments. He actually told me that he cant go to one( supposedly because the government was denying his existence due to covert mission involvement) he does not have a real vetrans ID either. If he is carrying one, it's fake. I'd love to know what name he has on it. Recently in Texas he has been going by the name Alex ( which I believe is actually the name of the guy at the Sky bar down in Florida where they put on a fund raiser for him under the false pretense that he was ex-special forces wounded in combat.)

Salt Life Vet:

Unfortunately I know this turd. He was a real black eye for the VFW post on Oak Island. Thank God he is no longer a part of it. Many of us knew he was a liar and fraud about many things, Nice to finally officially know the truth. He will soon have his VFW cred's revoked and the American legion has also dropped him from the rolls. Great work guys. Thank you for maintaining the honor and beauty of that wonderful head gear known as the Green Beret and the bravery and valor of the unique men who have the privilege of wearing it. Keep it up!


I saw this article and it made my blood boil. My dad wasn't a Green Beret, he was in the Air Force. He went to Vietnam 1964, 1971 and a smaller stint between the two tours. Those who go to war do not brag about what they did in the war. Those who flaunt their "accomplishments" are more likely than not, fake. I know of someone who tells everyone, including his sons and now grandkids, that he is a Green Beret that served in Vietnam and received medals. In 1972 (i eill need to verify the year), he joined the Reserves so to not be drafted for Vietnam. Can you guys help me find the truth?


I got on to this site because I know of this AKA Romero Antonio Noel person. I don't know the man personally but I know people who do. I just cant wrap my hands around this cause it does not make any sense to me. He has a veteran Id and goes to the VA clinic. I don't know just really confused on all of this stuff. if anyone can shed some light on this for me and others I would greatly appreciate it. thank you.


Disgusting!!! The law needs to be tweaked to make it a crime whereas simply wearing the insignia is punishable. I, regrettably, never had the honor os serving in our Armed Forces due to starting my career fresh out of high school. These stories, make me nauseous. Do NOT, under any circumstances, take away from the brave men and women the serve admirably and EARN the credentials that they acquire. Keep up the good work outing these frauds

WJ Adams:

At some point, people posing as Special Forces / Green Beret soldiers, and similar posers need to serve some serious jail time. This is FRAUD, plain and simple. They do it for prestige, respect, and/or financial gain, and other reasons, which is the very criteria for all types of fraud in our country, and others. This guy should be locked up, his tattoo covered over by some volunteer tatoo artist that would probably be glad to do it, especially around a military base.


The Guardian:

Yes Craig. We thank Jeff for his service and for the help he gave us in working this Ike Catcher case.


SF Green Beret Jeff B, who you refer to in the article, is my son. He is the toughest man I’ve ever known. He is also the gentlest, kindest, and most caring man I’ve ever known.

Most sons aspire to be like their father. I aspire to be like my son. The day he signed for the Army he became the man I wish I could have been.

Graduation day as a Green Beret, he was my proof that an average good man can raise a great man.

I love you, Jeff.


I don't know him or even have any relatives near him, but it still rips me that he smears my families good name. Poser....

John U.S. Hanlon


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