One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.

Alvin Long, Green Beret...NOT!!

He used these lies to further his business

This an older article we did a while back. We're still transfering things from other areas to our website.

Back in early 2016, we were contacted by an SF brother. The family of Alvin had reached out to him about their family member and his lies. You can see his claims here in Alvin Long's interview

He contacted us to verify and confirm what the family already knew. 

What follows is the text from a family member that he shared in this Rally Point article:

How can I stop a family member from Stealing Valor? My uncle is being honored at an event 1,000 miles away.

This is my Uncle; as you can see he is wearing "his" dress Army uniform and is a Sergeant Major, with 30 years of military service. Additionally, he is wearing a green beret, SF and Ranger Tab, scuba diver, pathfinder, air assault badge and a multitude of valor medals, Purple Hearts, etc. He has also been appointed as a leader in a veterans group in his home down. 

The problem is he served from 1961 then retired in 1981, and was a SSG who only had 20 years of service. He was initially in transportation, then an MP dog handler. He was only awarded 8 ribbons and awards, the highest of which was a single ARCOM. He was never a green beret, let alone ever even assigned to an SF organization. I have video tapes wherein he makes claim grossly contrary to his DD 214. 

I just became aware that he is claiming all of these lies as true representations of his career. Clearly I am grossly offended by his actions and cannot abide by his being a leader in any veteran's organization based on these complete fabrication so. I have his DD 214 and know he never reentered military service after teaching his MRD.

I need help finding an organization that will help stop him from bringing further discredit to all of us. Are any of you connected to an organization willing to step up and investigate and out him to halt this fraud on other vets who earned the honors he sports without any concern for the harm it does to those who actually accomplished the things he claims?

Anyone who can help is invited to message me for help. 

It should be noted that I just discovered how serious this situation is and I just learned he his being honored by his local community that will reportedly be attended by state and local government officials and several media outlets on Friday ... I live a thousand miles from him, but will fly out to assist if needed. I will also provide the evidence of his deception and fraud. 

Although I never imagined my own family could be one of these guys, but feel I must speak out! Please help me protect the honor of real operators who earned the honors he is wearing to perpetuate his fraud.



 He claims to have been a Marine Force Recon operator and then his wife made him quit, but she was fine with him going on to be an Special Forces. He claims six combat deployments and six Purple Hearts to match. Here you can hear him tell it in this video;

Part of his story is true, but not enough of it. He spent four years in the Marine Corps from 1959 – 1963 – none of it in any Recon units. Most of it was spent on dry land in California. He went into the Army National Guard from August 1963 – March 1964, then he went into the Army March 1965 – March 1981, never as a Green Beret, but as a truck driver. He did three tours in Vietnam as a truck driver, then he became an MP. No jump school, no Ranger school or any thype of SF training.

His family says that he kept his lies to himself until his wife died recently and then he busted out, first making himself a Master Sergeant until he unilaterally promoted himself to sergeant major;

No Soldiers Medal, no Silver Star, no Bronze Star, no Purple Hearts, no Combat Infantryman Badge (2d award), no jump wings, no Pathfinder badge, no POW Medal, no Air Assault Badge, no scuba bubble, no Drill Sergeant badge, no Ranger tab, no Special Forces tab




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As of February 2019, David Shaffer was expelled from Minnesota Freemasonry and the Shriners because of this conduct.


It's been just over 12 years since he went to jail (then prison) for what he did to me. I'm still haunted by it all every day. He is a monster, true evil.

Anonymous :

I really can’t describe the feeling I had when I once again did the periodic check online to see if Gilbert had been arrested yet.I strangely found comfort in the fact that he was not captured and brought back to Florida for his warrants there . I knew he was in Colorado somewhere but I never wanted him to come back to Florida with another slap on the wrist or turning CI to get out of trouble and I feel at danger again , however , I never really felt safe knowing he was out there at all. I was contacted months back by someone asking if I had seen him and making sure I was safe because he stated he was coming back to Florida and was on the run from the FBI I was told . I didn’t sleep for a month well after that. I can’t describe the terror I dealt with being involved with this person , the healing that is still taking place for myself and my children . He is a lifelong con man , he’s very convincing and by the time you realize the truth you are in danger and he’s extremely violent . Being a con man he hatches elaborate ways to tear your life apart , set you up , spread convincing and dangerous lies , he managed to blackmail me for things that he created for me out of fear and the cloud of abuse and threats from him for so long . I tried many agencies to help me no one believed me or did anything about him . He would re enter my home for a year telling lies and slandering me across the internet social media , with people even threatening me because they believed him he was so convincing . I slept with baseball bats and knives for years because of him. My children are still tormented because of things he did and said and the entire experience . I actually had to leave my job , my home and my children just to get away from him .

He has always lied about being in the military , he had me convinced of the same thing as well as everyone who knew him for a long long time , also lied about being in with Florida motorcycle gangs and would use that as a threat as well , he always stated he was SF and medic , said injured in Afghanistan and that’s why he has seizures , also not true , I found evidence of him lying to women on social media also impersonating a SF years ago , he had gotten pictures of soldiers with beards that looked very much like him and he knew a lot of the lingo and studied it , he also pretended to be a firefighter and ex firefighter to people as well. That was another of his cons . He always wore military type gear and shirts he would buy offline or from people or army navy store etc I actually still have a couple of them around Idk why , maybe to remind me of what I let happen to me and the damage it did so that I never allow that to ever happen to me again. He changed me then in terrible ways and I never could figure out how to get away or out of the situations . I never experienced someone like him - in no fool or naive , I have an experienced life but the extent he will go .... photoshopping pictures , editing fake text conversations etc making false reports to child protection agencies etc etc .... people believe him and he can turn your life upside down between that , setting you up and threats Therof and physical violence . He has also been to prison in Massachusetts or Missouri I believe for weapons and violence against another woman I found out later . He treats his mother and youngest daughter the same way with threats and control and violence , has 3 other children all in different states as well .... he’s mentally disturbed and dangerous and I am hoping they actually keep him for a very long time so my children and I can feel safe .

I’m so happy you guys were diligent and captured him . The alias he was using is someone that I know as well whom was in prison when he started using that alias .

Thank you for flushing him out and catching him . Thank you so much I can’t explain how I felt

Reading all of this , validating things for me in a way because I don’t think a lot of people where I’m from still believed me . His lies seemed too far fetched , details and convincing fake evidence , he had people coming after me thinking I was many many things and done things I had not as a way to intimidate me .

I have a damaged jaw , ptsd and still working to start my life over in every aspect and help my kids overcome the damage that he did to them . His name and face will haunt me probably for life and I’m sorry to the other woman who fell for this because I completely and truly understand how it happens and the web that he weaves . I’m happy no one got physically hurt and I will hope to see him get some serious time .


Yet another Piece of Shit phony. When will it stop?


Good Lord. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Salt Life Vet:

VFW Post 10226 voted unanimously at it's monthly meeting tonight to revoke his membership and he is also banned for life from the building. Now he will have to hang out at the Chuckee Cheese soda fountain and tell all the 8 year olds about his good old days in SF. But then again the 8 year olds will probably say "Dude, shut the f#ck up. You're a poser. Now pour me another orange soda".


I can tell you for a fact that he has never been to the VA for any treatments. He actually told me that he cant go to one( supposedly because the government was denying his existence due to covert mission involvement) he does not have a real vetrans ID either. If he is carrying one, it's fake. I'd love to know what name he has on it. Recently in Texas he has been going by the name Alex ( which I believe is actually the name of the guy at the Sky bar down in Florida where they put on a fund raiser for him under the false pretense that he was ex-special forces wounded in combat.)

Salt Life Vet:

Unfortunately I know this turd. He was a real black eye for the VFW post on Oak Island. Thank God he is no longer a part of it. Many of us knew he was a liar and fraud about many things, Nice to finally officially know the truth. He will soon have his VFW cred's revoked and the American legion has also dropped him from the rolls. Great work guys. Thank you for maintaining the honor and beauty of that wonderful head gear known as the Green Beret and the bravery and valor of the unique men who have the privilege of wearing it. Keep it up!


I saw this article and it made my blood boil. My dad wasn't a Green Beret, he was in the Air Force. He went to Vietnam 1964, 1971 and a smaller stint between the two tours. Those who go to war do not brag about what they did in the war. Those who flaunt their "accomplishments" are more likely than not, fake. I know of someone who tells everyone, including his sons and now grandkids, that he is a Green Beret that served in Vietnam and received medals. In 1972 (i eill need to verify the year), he joined the Reserves so to not be drafted for Vietnam. Can you guys help me find the truth?


I got on to this site because I know of this AKA Romero Antonio Noel person. I don't know the man personally but I know people who do. I just cant wrap my hands around this cause it does not make any sense to me. He has a veteran Id and goes to the VA clinic. I don't know just really confused on all of this stuff. if anyone can shed some light on this for me and others I would greatly appreciate it. thank you.

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