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Big Willie Robinson, Green Beret...NOT!!

We’ve been sent Big Willie Robinson a number of times over the years and somehow never seemed to find the time to get around to doing an article.

When a person passes away there’s not an urgent need to expose them as a fraud. 

Once Daniel Miller of the L.A. Times contacted us asking about him. We decided move forward also.

Big Willie has a huge footprint on the internet. You can search “Big Willie Robinson” and find articles and videos from his days as a street racer.

At the bottom of the picture section, click the red bar for more pictures.

It seems from 1966 give or take a year, until his death, Big Willie had claimed to have been a Green Beret. He had the habit of wearing a 5th Group Green Beret for decades. Sorta like his signature look. He seemed to always wear an SF shirt, Airborne wings etc…

👉Big Willie in his own words👈  Give it time to load.

He claimed to have been on covert missions in Vietnam and having been wounded on one of those missions. He said he was sorta link James Bond.

All those claims are false.

Willie Robinson did serve. It was for 2 months in Basic Training from 08/24/66 until 10/26/66 for a total of 64 days. He was medically discharged as unfit for duty.

After working with Daniel and having the many calls we did with him, it turns out some people told Daniel that they knew all along. sad that they knowingly allowed him to live the lie.

👉L.A. Times Article by Daniel Miller👈 Well worth the listen.


His Claims vs the Facts:

Served in the Army: True

Airborne: False

Covert missions in Vietnam: False

Served in Vietnam in any capasity: False

Wounded in Vietnam: False

Green Beret: False

Big Willie Robinson, you'll now be added to Hall of Zeroes


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william frank grist

5/6/2020 4:26 PM

Great site I am glad to see it in operation. William Frank Grist SF

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Jory Jory:

I don't know what to say. He is such a silver tongue devil. He slid into our lives and we fell for his line of BS. This was back in the late 80's/early 90's. Met him in a local biker bar, he was a musician. I said, Thank you and welcome home. I lent him $$. I introduced him to a friend and that turned into a nightmare. Boy, he's got a special place in heaven. On a nicer note, Thanks so much for this site

SuperUser Account:

No Idea. It's hard to follow up on these guys as the workload is very heavy. We expose them and move on.

william frank grist:

Great site I am glad to see it in operation. William Frank Grist SF

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

He's also a registered sex offender....and a scum bag.

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

I think this is well known by this point - but for added extra bonus actually is a REAL registered sex offender. This guy is a danger to the community in a multitude of ways & he shows no shame or remorse & he's also a real d-bag. He needs to get locked up.

Brian M Whitney:

Is he still getting 100% disability or was he ever? Whats the deal with this story?

Don Canaday:

Every time some faker claiming to be SF gets in trouble or acts up, it can reflect badly on us in the media. Another reason to point them out when they present themselves.


Wow! I am stupefied that a sex offender would expose himself to so much attention and expect the truth to not come out...


I refuse to believe any SF or Operator would wear that bow tie, just saying.


Usually when I see a guy with this much shite on a vest, jacket and hats he does not pass the smell test. If you screaming that loud "look at me I am a hero" you probably aren't.

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