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Blaine Campbell, Green Beret? Not so fast...


When an individual making false claims of being a Special Forces Soldier or Green Beret is brought to our attention it is our responsibility to the Regiment and to the individual to investigate those claims. If we find the allegations to be true, through thorough investigation supported by documented evidence, it is then our obligation to the Regiment and to the individual to make the truth known and request a public apology from the offender. Sometimes it is easy and the offender says “OK, you got me. I was wrong and I lied.” Other times, like this, it is more challenging when the offender and or those around him attempt to spin the lies or stretch the truth. Regardless, our obligation is still to the Regiment and to the individual, not those around him.

Our investigation into allegations that Blaine Campbell, formerly known as Blaine Hardwick, falsely claimed to be a “Special Forces Weapons Sergeant” and “Green Beret” is complete and supported by the evidence. Blaine is not, never was, and never will be. Our obligations to the Regiment and the individual have been met.

If you have had contact with Blaine Campbell or Blaine Hardwick, CEO of CheyTac and Campbell Arms Manufacturing in the past and have heard him claim to be a Green Beret, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, 18B, HALO Command, Special Operations ..., send us an email with what you heard. We won't use your name or email address. Send it to and put his name as the subject.

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The Guardians of the Green Beret partnered with the Second Amendment Foundation for this story.







The original article broke here first 👉 The Gun Writer 👈 


Where to start? We were sent Blaine Campbell on May 7th, 2021. That same day we knew he wasn't a Green Beret. 

Blaine Campbell tried to join a Scout Sniper Forum somewhere on the internet (From our understanding, it wasn't on FB).

They asked him some vetting questions and knew by his answers he was no Scout Sniper. An SF Brother happened to be a member of that forum and the membership asked if he could reach out to the community to see if Blaine's claims of being a Green Beret were false also. It was a fairly quick check to find out Blaine did indeed attempt the Special Forces Qualification Course, but for personal issues that became legal issues (His words) was pulled from the course. Sidenote: Attempting to become a Green Beret, doesn't give one the right to start claiming it down the line.

Back in the early 90's Blaine Campbell went by the name of Blaine Hardwick. We got the information needed to request records and sent it to NPRC. While we waited for records, we started collecting data that was out on the internet trying to see if he was actually claiming to be one of us. Sure enough, we saw a number of places that showed Blaine claiming to be a Green Beret, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, and/or 18B. All these type statements (Green Beret, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, and/or 18B) would lead people to believe Blaine was claiming to be a fully qualified Green Beret. Not only that, we heard Blaine in his own voice say he was a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant twice, an 18B once, and that he went through the Q-Course about a year after Selection. 

We found a number of places in print also:








 Posted on CheyTac's social media shortly after Campbell Firearms acquired Cheytac. A bigger picture can be seen in picture section #2








We found other examples on Maxim:


This article mentions him as a former Green Beret.

A bigger picture can be seen in picture section #3





After we collected what we could find, we decided to call Blaine. Those calls along with the two audios of Blaine in his own voice can be heard here:

The Phone Call

👉Blaine in his own words👈

Timestamp of claims in the video link above:

1:36 of the video, Blaine says he's a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. Once said it can't be unsaid. 

2:38 He states he went through Selection in '93 and the Q-Course about a year later.  He actually went straight into the Special Forces Qualification Course, Class 5-93 on 2 Sept 93. He was recycled into class 1-94 that started 8 Nov 93. A year later, he wasn't on active duty anymore.

2:49 He says he Specialized in HALO and had 300 Jumps. This statement will change twice later on in the video.

2:57 Claims a DEVGRU guy is with the Company. We confirmed with the guy who he mentions. The individual Blaine mentions as DEVGRU was emphatic that he never claimed that he served in DEVGRU. He said he tried to correct that as soon as he heard it. This was a non-factor until we heard him claim the COO's husband was a Green Beret later in a phone call.

3:20 18B and Weapons Sergeant Both are not true.

4:30 He says HALO Command. There's no such thing as HALO Command? Does he mean committee?

4:35 Blaine says yes when asked if he was a Green Beret. That's a false statement.

4:38 Blaine says the COO's husband was a Former Captain, Special Forces, Green Beret. The COO told us over the phone her husband was never military. This would be a non-factor until we heard Blaine tell Don Shipley a DEVGRU guy was with CheyTac. These combined statements reinforce the fact Blaine doesn't do this by mistake.

4:56 Jump total climbs to 350  and worked @ HALO Command. CSM Bone "Wanted him at HALO Command". We talked to CSM Henry Bone over the phone and he begs to differ on this. Also. Does he mean Freefall Committee? We reached out to the Safety officer who was there along with the CSM that had Freefall Committee under his command and they both confirm this didn't happen. His email is Picture #27

5:28 "Part of the Green Beret, yea" Again says he is a Green Beret. This is not a true statement, he was never a Green Beret.

5:50 Explains the Long Tab and agrees he's tabbed. He never earned a Special Forces tab and we have a screenshot of him admitting it in Picture #53

7:00 Went through the Q-Course. 9:35 The COO says she vetted Blaine. We won't be using those vetting sources, as he's 100%, not a Green Beret, nor did he complete the Special Forces Qualification Course.

10:18 They will provide people that served w/ Blaine. 10:30 The COO says "If you want the truth"... We have offered CheyTac's attorney, Blaine, The COO, and two others close to CheyTac, assistance in getting the records they need. We had an SF Brother waiting 1 year and 3 months for his own records after filing an SF 180. We got them for him in 2 weeks. He still hasn't received his original request. They Haven't taken us up on that offer. 

10:50 The COO says they'll give legit answers. Spinning the tale and changing the story is not giving legit answers. 

11:17 Blaine says he graduated Robin Sage. Records do not agree with that. 

12:17 He was pulled to CSM Bones office and sent to HALO command. Does he mean Freefall Committee? We reached out to the Safety officer who was there along with the CSM that had Freefall Committee under his command and they both confirm this didn't happen. Picture #27

12:42 Disappointed in his Command so he left. You can't just get disappointed in your command and leave. That's not how it works. 

13:00 Blaine says he went through Phase I, II, and III. We asked if he went through Phase 13... He says Phase I, II, III in '94-'95. His 1059 dropping him from the Q-Course is dated 4 April '94 and his 2-1 shows he was no longer on active duty on 8 June '94. Could it be his time as a student was so short he doesn't remember how the phases ran? If you listen, we ask him point-blank if he went through Phase 13. He says he went through Phase I, II, and III. Hmmm, This was during the Phase 13 era when it was Phase II, I, III (Phase 2 was 1st, then phase I and III = 13) any and all that went through during that time know it's 2, 1, 3 not I, 2, 3. 

13:36 They took my rank for accusations of murder. When he was interviewed by the 2nd Amendment Foundation, He couldn't remember why they took his rank. Do you think anybody that has their rank taken wouldn't know the reason? Picture #44. 

19:40 He's back down to 300 Jumps. What happened? He lost 50 Jumps overnight.

20:56 The COO says "We'll provide you with whatever you need". We've not been provided with anything, yet we've offered multiple times to both help them acquired the things they seek and help correct any mistakes.

22:36 The COO says she supports what we're doing. That's good to know, yet it doesn't seem like it.

SOOOO, is Blaine claiming to be a Green Beret?

We think the evidence is overwhelming. We also have many emails from people close to Blaine and/or his companies. Everybody that we contacted or contacted us have all said Blaine has made Claims of being a Green Beret, Special Forces, 18B, etc... It's up to you the reader to decide if you believe them or Blaine. We only report what we receive. 

Blaine finally sent us an email that is supposedly referenced as an apology yet he asks they we don't share it. How can it be an apology if it can't be shared? It's funny that he has given it to those close to him and they read it yet we can't share it? In mentioning his apology, his point man emailed us this, (the typos are from him and we won't change what he sent): Not one person in this matter supports Blaine's former claim of 18B MOS qualification. This includes Blaine. As soon as Blaine gave GoTGB and I his records. Everyone has been clear about the lack of tab orders. The difference here is that Blaine thought he was right. He fully believed he was acting appropriately until I checked his records. At which point he apologized and retracted.

Where is this public apology? If it can't be shared what good is it. When reaching out to two of his friends, they say they've seen it. It was given to them by Blaine yet we can't show it to the public? So, although we won't share it, we'll paraphrase:

Blaine actually says he actually completed the Q-Course. He admits he's said it a number of times. He says Army does not support this with orders for the Tab. He agrees he shouldn't have made those claims. He won't in the future. He apologized to the SF Community and those he mislead. That's somewhat it in a nutshell without sharing the actual email since we were asked not to. (We were told we could legally share it but we'll honor his wish not to). It's almost getting to the point where it's needed as Those close to him keep citing it yet won't share it. If Blaine doesn't agree we are correct in our summation of what he sent, he's welcome to give us the green light to share the exact email he sent and we will add it and edit this.

His Proof

During this investigation, the COO sent us a message that also comes through as an email. Below is what was sent:



A Bigger picture is #8 in the picture section.




She sent it an hour or so after a call we had. She said " According to Blaine he went through all 3 stages and graduated Robin Sage. Got his Tab, Knife, and Beret, and then had his tab and knife taken from him. He is confident that if you truly do due diligence, you will confirm this. He immediately went home today and dug this out of storage which I attached above. He left on his own because he felt abandoned by his command.

Well... The knife was a terribly numbered Randall that has never been given after the Q-Course. The Yarborough Knife program started years later. We have an email from Randall that they've never participated in a program like that and don't number their knives like that. Her statement about due diligence... We already knew he was a hardship recycle and then a compassionate relief drop from the Q-Course before we even attempted to make contact, so our due diligence was really already done. We saw the date he passed selection, the date he was recycled, the date he was dropped. 





A Randall has never been given out to Q-Course graduates.

We have an email from Randall Knives in Picture #29







The 1059




 The 1059 showing Blaine being removed from the Q-Course class 1-94. Picture #11 in the picture section.





















Let us take a closer look at the 1059

It's dated 4 April '94 almost a month and a half before class 1-94 ends (See Box 11)

Box 5 shows him as an 11B (Not an 18B)

Box 10 shows the period of report: 9/2/93- 1/5/94. Sept 2nd was the start of class 5-93 and it covers up to 1/5/94 when he was still in Phase II of the SFQC. Phase II was the very first part of the Q-Course before you went to Phase I and III.

Box 11 shows the Duration of the Course. These are the start-stop dates of Class 1-94 (11/8/93-5/13/94). These dates have been confirmed. Box 10 covers the period the 1059 is about. 

Box 16 Says Compassionate relief from The Special Forces Weapons Sergeants Course, Class 1-94. 

Box 17 shows the names of the 1st Sergeant and Company Commander that signed his 1058 removing him from Class 1-94.

We contacted both men that signed this 1059. Both men agree. Both men are firm. Since their name is on the 1059, Blaine Campbell aka Blaine Hardwick, NEVER went to the field. NEVER went on to Phase I, thus never got the chance to attempt Phase III. Meaning he never completed Robin sage as he has said many times, including his recorded phone call.

This is easy to understand also. It was told to us: Had he completed Phase II, the MOS portion of the Q-course, had he gone to the field, he would have been somebody else's problem and their name would be on the 1059.  An email from one of those that signed his 1059 can be seen in Picture #26. There isn't really a gray area here. Had he passed the first portion of the Q-Course, he would have gone to the second portion (Phase I, SUT). Once in Phase I, he would have been out at Camp Mackall, and "If" dropped from the Q-Course once there, others would have signed that 1059. To easy to understand. 

That's so simple and easy to understand. Yet Blaine and those around him are trying to spin the narrative. Creating conspiracy theories about removed/deleted records. We were told by the COO that this case is bigger than Blaine Campbell/Hardwick. We need to look into CSM Bone and whether he might have done something wrong. When she said that, we contacted CSM Henry Bone and he offered to email us a statement that there are too many checks and balances for him to do that. He also said the COO was welcome to call him. We agree with CSM Bone's statement about checks and balances and it's explained by a former second CSM that had 2nd Tng BN at the time. This same CSM had the MFF School (Blaine references it often as HALO Command) In Pictures #19, 20, and 21. He says he would have known if Blaine was there. Adding to the due diligence as requested, we made contact with the Safety officer that was at Military Freefall School. He sent an email that Blaine was not there, picture #27

There's More

Although Blaine has flip-flopped back and forth depending on who he's talking to about whether he's tabbed or not...

Reference the video

Reference picture #8 The COO emails and says "They took his tab" Meaning he told her he earned one.

He told us over the phone he pinned his tab on after Robin Sage. He said the same to Lee Williams of the Second Amendment Foundation. Picture #44.

Yet in 2015, he was called out by someone that served with him in 2/325 which was one class behind him in the Q-Course. He tells this legit Green Beret he was tabbed. Picture #53. This legit GB had seen him making claims that would lead you to believe he was a Green Beret in a forum on FB. So, he was actually called out in 2015 yet decided to keep living the lie.

We were asked to check (By his COO) if pinning the tab after Robin Sage is done. We replied that's something they do at Ranger school but things could have changed so we'll check. We contacted 3 18B's that went through the exact class Blaine pretends to have gone through. they agree, no tab was pinned on in the field. Pictures #24, 25. The 3rd guy has yet to send an email. We also have an email from the NCOIC that was out at Camp Mackall during Phase 13, Class 1-94. He agrees pinning the tab did NOT occur. Picture #22 Additionally another email from the CSM, 1st Bn SWTG(A) that it didn't happen, Picture #23.

We were sent an email by the point man for CheyTac that said "Not one claim put forth by GOTGB has been substantiated independently. The only Substantiated information has been provided by Blaine". That is a false statement. There's overwhelming evidence Blaine has claimed to be a Green Beret over the years. News articles and statements from those close to him. The summary sheet and 2-1 were received from NPRC. Pictures #12, 13.

It was told to GOTGB by the same Point man that terminology matters: 

There is a difference in being wrong, meaning factually incorrect, which I believe applies to Blaine. There is a bigger difference in being a fraud, which means to deceive for monetary or personal gain, which I do not believe applies to Blaine. Blaine has already provided a statement that he was factually wrong to claim our title, which he thought he had a right to do. At this time Blaine fully admits he can not and will not claim MOS Q'd. Unless there is proof, that will not change. I insist that you be very accurate with the terminology you use to describe Blaine.

There are multiple aspects for this instance of accuracy. One of which is the fact that the only substantiated information we have is the information contained within Blaine's OMPF. All else from a legal definition is hearsay until written statements and points of contact willing to provide testimony are provided.

It is possible Blaine's story is factually correct. This it would allow for him to have tab orders issued. IIRC, completion of Robin Sage in that time frame is enough to substantiate MOS Q. If Blaine's story is correct his 1059 would also corroborate his story instead of invalidate it.

We're not even sure where to go on that. Yes, Blaine was wrong. He has provided a statement yet asked us not to share. That's not coming clean as he said he would. He told Lee Williams of the 2nd Amendment Foundation he's apologized to us. We ask that he apologize publicly (AS HIS POINT MAN SAID HE WOULD INSIST WHEN THIS STARTED). Blaine has admitted in 2015 he didn't earn a tab. he was dropped from the course and never went to the field. That has been confirmed with people backchannel and other sources we aren't obligated nor required to share here. 

Our work is solid. Blaine Campbell aka Blaine Hardwick has on multiple occasions, over many years, claimed to be a Green Beret. That is false. Don't make this something bigger than it is. It's someone who wanted to be a Green Beret. He attempted to be a Green Beret. He Passed Selection, was recycled in Class 5-93, started Class 1-94, and was a Compassionate Relief from the MOS portion before he went to the field.

He never completed Robin Sage, He wasn't at HALO Command, He didn't pin his tab on in the field. He wasn't a Green Beret, He wasn't a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. He wasn't an 18B.

Attempting the Q-Course is not graduating the Q-Course. Wanting to be a Green Beret doesn't give you the right to claim to be one.

Blaine Campbell aka Blaine Hardwick did indeed serve. We see he served in HHC 2/325 82nd Airborne Division.

He received:

Army Service Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal w/ 1 Bronze Service Star, Expert Badge w/ Auto Rifle Bar, Parachutist Badge, Army Achievement Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Combat Infantry Badge, Kuwait Liberation Medal-Saudi Arabia, Expert Infantry Badge. What we don't see is the Special Forces Tab since he didn't earn one.

Blaine could have stood on his actual military service which most would have been proud of, yet for some reason, he decided years ago to start falsely claiming to have been a Green Beret.




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This news is pretty sad for me because I knew the guy. The 1998 overwrite should read that he was the commander of C Troop, 1-18 Cav. I don't recall him wearing any tabs or badges. I am glad that a 19th Group (Guard) guy brought this to your attention. To me this casts a shadow of suspicion with anybody in the Guard. He left the Guard prior to GWOT. I think that the Guard did our share in GWOT with multiple mobilizations and deployments. I was mobilized twice, including a year in Afghanistan as an Infantryman. Now I'll wonder if people will think I'm a liar if I say anything about my service. Thanks Eddie...

Scott Berndt:

Talk about a disgrace to the uniform! I can't believe he got away with the fraud all those years. If you go to his website at, it still makes it sound like he has an Army SF background without stating he was one. He even has awards issued by several SF organizations. Sounds like the GotGB still have some hunting to do.

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

Wow. Absolutely mind blowing & disgraceful. They should make a documentary about how this turd BS'd his way through the years in order to be in a position to be standing next to Presidents, politicians & celebritys. I get pissed when I think of all the others like him but that have never gotten exposed or caught. Great job catching this s--t turd.

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

You can tell just by looking at him that he is a shit bird.

Royal Mons:

If these phonies want to play dress up they should join a re-enactment society and not lie about their fantasies and live off the sacrifice of others.


FRANCO K WEBB is a LYING POSER. He and I were BEST FRIENDS during the time he CLAIMS 7th GP 18D (MY MOS and MY Duty assignment - ODA 755/754, O&I, SWC G Co SFAS, 1st Bn S3).

He was NEVER ASSOCIATED WITH, ASSIGNED TO, in SUPPORT OF, or attended ANY TRAINING that would qualify his claim of being an 18D.

He was a CAR STEREO SALESMAN and INSTALLER on Yadkin Road the ENTIRE TIME I KNEW HIM. We were in Westarea Fire Department TOGETHER and he lived in a trailer on Haretown road.

It APPEARS that he has taken some of MY SF TRAINING, HISTORY and BACKGROUND, claimed it as his own, and further EMBELLISHED those stories for his own video game centered bravado.


SuperUser Account:

He probably never will. The 7th Grp picture he pretends is his is an ODA from the mid-'80s. We've identified all men in the picture. It also looks like he added a Ranger Tab to his website. He's never before claimed Ranger so this is strange.

He and Mike Mika (President of SFA Ch 34) threatened to sue the SFA National if they didn't rescind the letter they sent us, give Rudi a formal apology, and re-instate him as a member in good standing. Of course SFA National refused and nothing came of his idle threat.

Mike Mika has twice, along with Rudi Gresham the fake Green Beret claimed that Rudi spent 12 years in the S.C. National Guard and that's where he attained the rank of LTC. Neither time were they able to produce records that baked up that statement.

SGT P - Rakkasan:

I just looked at his personal website, and it still has a picture autographed by General Yarborough, and a statement that says he served as Yarborough’s Aide. When will this clown give it up? I took screen shots.

Rick Upton:

Why is he working for the VA?


First of all, thank you folks for what you do, what you’ve done, and what you’re willing to do.

Secondly, it is my hope that Mr Prouix owns up to his lies. I have been watching this story and it disgusts me that there are people who would assume to receive the accolades deserved, but never sought, by better, braver, stronger men.

Mr Prouix needs to be exposed. Well done.

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