One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.

John David Dykes, Green Beret... NOT!!

John thinks going AWOL twice, being a deserter, and Construction Equipment Operator (62E10) gives him the right to claim to have been a Green Beret. WRONG

If you don't see all the pictures, click on the red line under the last picture that says expand more media or something close to that. It isn't rocket science.

We were sent John Dykes, Fake Green Beret by someone close to him. He knew he didn't pass the smell test. We did a quick scan of his Facebook profile and knew he was not what he said. He had a Q-course certificate that he bought off the internet that stunk to high heaven. 

All of the certificates he shares as having earned, were all bought off the internet. His Q-course graduation certificate says it was issued from John F. Kennedy Special Warfare “Training” Center. No such animal exists. It should say US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. Also, any certificate issued by SWCS would not include an individual 5th Grp flash on the certificate such a John Dykes shows on his fake Q-course certificate. This is a cheap internet BS certificate that any poser can buy.

On the 117hr Q-course graduation certificate that he shows people and has hanging on his wall, it has 5th Group flash on it. SWCS does NOT include any individual Group flash on certificates. We include one off that website that shows one with a 1st Grp flash included. If you have the money, people will sell you anything on the internet. We also include a legit Q-course certificate from that era to show it’s very different. Also, total time for someone attempting the Q-course as Medic would be closer to 2 years. NOT 117 hours.

His Special Forces Medical Sergeant certificate dated 1998 shows Ft Sam and 40hrs. The MOS portion for SF medics was no longer held at Ft Sam in ’98. Someone should notify the fake certificate site he bought that at to update location. The MOS portion for someone going through the 18D portion at that time would have been closer to 11 months.

5 months for the Special Operations Combat Medic Course. Became 6 months somewhere in 98.

5 months for the Special Forces Medical Sergeants Course. All 18Ds had to pass both courses

His numerous fake certificates he shares on Facebook, and has hanging on his house wall, also show him as a Staff Sergeant. He never once held that rank. Yet another lie from fake Green Beret John Dykes.

On his certificates:

Close Quarter Combat Training dated 6/16/89:

1) He didn’t show up to the 505th until 7/20/89

2) Special Warfare Training Center doesn’t exist. It’s called US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS) and it’s located at Ft Bragg.

3) He was never a Sergeant while at the 505th. He was an E-4 at a time while he was in the service.

Certificate of Service in the 19th:

1) Bogus certificate 

2) It’s issued date is 9/9/97, 1 1/2 years after he left the 19th as a Construction Equipment Operator (62E10)

3) He never held the Rank of Staff Sergeant at any point in his time in service.

Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course:

1) JFK Special Forces Training Center doesn’t exist

2) On the two areas that claim hours on this certificate. The first line on the certificate says 40 hours Special Forces medical Sergeants Course. That’s 100% bogus. In 1998 it would be closer to 11 months.

5 months for the Special Operations Combat Medic Course (It became 6 months somewhere in 98).

5 months for the Special Forces Medical Sergeants Course.

All 18Ds had to pass both courses

3) It was awarded to Staff Sergeant John Dykes… John Dykes, fake Green Beret never held that rank.

4) It says Completion of 60 week course… Graduation certificates don’t include hours on them. We share a legit certificate that you can compare. Hours vary for each person.

5) It says Given at Ft Sam10/12/98… Training had been moved away from Ft Sam in ’96

Special Forces Qualification Course:

1) Refer to everything mentioned above

2) It’s funny how his Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course, at the bottom says 60 weeks yet this shows 117 hours for the total course. Both fake certificates bought off the internet.

3) SWCS does NOT include random SF Group flashes on certificates.

4) It shows a Graduation date of 10/10/96… Well that’s interesting. In his Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course Cert, it shows a date of 10/12/98, Two years off.

5) Not sure where he was on 10/10/96 as the certificate shows, but 3/15/96 he was en-route to Ft Gordon Ga. and started AIT as a 74C, Telecom Oper.

Master Parachutist:

1) Dated 11/14/88… He didn’t even attend jump school until 6/12/89

2) It says 505th… Didn’t show up there until 7/20/89

John Dykes, you'll now be added to Guardians of the Green Beret Hall of Fakes, Frauds, and Phonies.

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First of all, thank you folks for what you do, what you’ve done, and what you’re willing to do.

Secondly, it is my hope that Mr Prouix owns up to his lies. I have been watching this story and it disgusts me that there are people who would assume to receive the accolades deserved, but never sought, by better, braver, stronger men.

Mr Prouix needs to be exposed. Well done.


This is almost unbelievable. This guy wanted to be a Green Beret so bad he faked it to the grave. It must have been awesome to him to take on a persona. Feeling like a hero, getting recognition, and being treated like a hero in addition to fellowship with real warriors was too much to pass up. It must have felt good. I'm sure he could have joined the military. He just didn't think it was worth it. He could have everything without dropping a single iota of blood, sweat, or tears. I feel sorry for his family. This guy is to me obviously mentally ill. I guess he never thought he would hurt and shame his family to the extent he ended up doing so. To any potential fakers. Let this guy be a lesson to you. If you want what we have, just join the military. Don't do this to your family and friends.


I just want to thank Guardians of the Green Beret. I had no idea this problem was so widespread. These phonies do a great disservice to all us real Green Berets. Yes, I am a Green Beret. They give a false representation of who we are, what we are, and what we represent. These phonies are almost always criminal otherwise in my opinion. Good job Guardians of the Green Beret. People probably don't realize what it would be like for me to ever actually meet a phony Green Beret. Offensive is not the word. I don't think there is a word for all the things that would go through my mind.


is that white shirt even a thing? i never knew that

Johnny O:

Ol' "Sarge" here talking all kinds of crap and stuff after he was exposed...LOL

Johnny O:

It's really pathetic that people try to get away with this type of stuff. I spent 23 years in the Army and retired in 2006 and although would have loved to to be a part of a Special Forces or Ranger unit and go through all of the training, never did it. And it just amazes me the lengths that people will go through to embellish military service.

Jacob Martin:

Question: There's a photo of him with two "fatboys" wearing berets, are either of them actually SF? The one in the middle sure doesn't wear his beret correctly (might be an officer)! lol


Impressive bio. Rambo, Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) and Chuck Norris all rolled into one. They have a song named for him "Superman, Where Are You Now".


I don't know much about a military uniform BUT his pants are WAY too long...they bunch up on tops of his shoes and basically drag the ground in the back. Also, there was a pic of him with a lady...outside...without a cover. Hmm.


Someone collected this man's entire saga here:

Warning: you'll spend hours on this website.

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