One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.

Nichlolas 'Nick" Marshall, Green Beret... NOT!!

AWOL, Silver Star, Purple Heart...

Nick Marshall, fake Green Beret has had issues for years. 

He was sent to us by a fellow SF Brother. Nick had been renting a property from him. We think he's living free in jail right now.

Here is what his landlord sent:

Narrative: I am a retired Green Beret who was renting my house to who I thought was a young E-6 (Military ID card looked legit). After a few months police were called multiple times for domestic abuse. His wife asked me for help because she felt she did not know who he was because he lied so much. I met her and her parents at her parents house. They told me that Nick had said that he was a Green Beret war buddy of mine. I knew this to be a lie. Then they showed me multiple pictures of him in uniform with a Green Beret and awards on (attached). His wife stated that she even dropped him off for work at 3rd SFG HQ multiple times. I reported this activity to the USASOC Force Protection Division (G34) who in turn contacted CID. CID then informed us that Nick Marshall had just been release from prison in Massachusetts where he served 2 years and was brought back to Fort Bragg for outprocessing. They stated that his E-6 Military ID card must be fake because he had been demoted to E-1 and his ID card was taken away. Highest rank that he ever held was an E-4. Once we had all of this information, we had Sxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx stay with her parents and I initiated eviction proceedings as he had not paid rent for the month. After Nick was evicted, a few months later we saw a news report that Nick Marshall had killed his wife and shot himself in an effort to cover it up. This is the biggest xxxxx xx xxxx I have ever seen aside from xxxx xxxxx in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyone needs to know this fraud and murderer's story.

It looks like long before he decided to claim to be a Green Beret, Nick went AWOL according to this article in TAH. 

Here is the link TAH did back in 2011 mentioning his AWOL. TAH claiming he went AWOL

Here's the link about him being charged with murder.  Nick being charged with Murder

Yet another article. It looks like Nick shot himself to try and cover up the murder.  Nick shoots himself to cover his wife's murder

According to his records, Nick was a 92S, Shower/Laundry and Clothing Specialist. He ETS’d an E-1 after 3 years 11 months.

Never anything that he claimed.

Nick Marshall, you'll now forever be added to Guardians of the Green Beret Hall of Fakes, Frauds, and Phonies


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Recent comments

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

Wow. Absolutely mind blowing & disgraceful. They should make a documentary about how this turd BS'd his way through the years in order to be in a position to be standing next to Presidents, politicians & celebritys. I get pissed when I think of all the others like him but that have never gotten exposed or caught. Great job catching this s--t turd.

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

You can tell just by looking at him that he is a shit bird.

Royal Mons:

If these phonies want to play dress up they should join a re-enactment society and not lie about their fantasies and live off the sacrifice of others.


FRANCO K WEBB is a LYING POSER. He and I were BEST FRIENDS during the time he CLAIMS 7th GP 18D (MY MOS and MY Duty assignment - ODA 755/754, O&I, SWC G Co SFAS, 1st Bn S3).

He was NEVER ASSOCIATED WITH, ASSIGNED TO, in SUPPORT OF, or attended ANY TRAINING that would qualify his claim of being an 18D.

He was a CAR STEREO SALESMAN and INSTALLER on Yadkin Road the ENTIRE TIME I KNEW HIM. We were in Westarea Fire Department TOGETHER and he lived in a trailer on Haretown road.

It APPEARS that he has taken some of MY SF TRAINING, HISTORY and BACKGROUND, claimed it as his own, and further EMBELLISHED those stories for his own video game centered bravado.


SuperUser Account:

He probably never will. The 7th Grp picture he pretends is his is an ODA from the mid-'80s. We've identified all men in the picture. It also looks like he added a Ranger Tab to his website. He's never before claimed Ranger so this is strange.

He and Mike Mika (President of SFA Ch 34) threatened to sue the SFA National if they didn't rescind the letter they sent us, give Rudi a formal apology, and re-instate him as a member in good standing. Of course SFA National refused and nothing came of his idle threat.

Mike Mika has twice, along with Rudi Gresham the fake Green Beret claimed that Rudi spent 12 years in the S.C. National Guard and that's where he attained the rank of LTC. Neither time were they able to produce records that baked up that statement.

SGT P - Rakkasan:

I just looked at his personal website, and it still has a picture autographed by General Yarborough, and a statement that says he served as Yarborough’s Aide. When will this clown give it up? I took screen shots.

Rick Upton:

Why is he working for the VA?


First of all, thank you folks for what you do, what you’ve done, and what you’re willing to do.

Secondly, it is my hope that Mr Prouix owns up to his lies. I have been watching this story and it disgusts me that there are people who would assume to receive the accolades deserved, but never sought, by better, braver, stronger men.

Mr Prouix needs to be exposed. Well done.


This is almost unbelievable. This guy wanted to be a Green Beret so bad he faked it to the grave. It must have been awesome to him to take on a persona. Feeling like a hero, getting recognition, and being treated like a hero in addition to fellowship with real warriors was too much to pass up. It must have felt good. I'm sure he could have joined the military. He just didn't think it was worth it. He could have everything without dropping a single iota of blood, sweat, or tears. I feel sorry for his family. This guy is to me obviously mentally ill. I guess he never thought he would hurt and shame his family to the extent he ended up doing so. To any potential fakers. Let this guy be a lesson to you. If you want what we have, just join the military. Don't do this to your family and friends.


I just want to thank Guardians of the Green Beret. I had no idea this problem was so widespread. These phonies do a great disservice to all us real Green Berets. Yes, I am a Green Beret. They give a false representation of who we are, what we are, and what we represent. These phonies are almost always criminal otherwise in my opinion. Good job Guardians of the Green Beret. People probably don't realize what it would be like for me to ever actually meet a phony Green Beret. Offensive is not the word. I don't think there is a word for all the things that would go through my mind.

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