One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.

The Don Shipman Memorial SF Brothers Auction - Final Total


$31,146 raised this year. 🇺🇸

Four years ago, a handful of Special Forces artisans from this amazing brotherhood decided to donate a piece of their hand-made crafts, and offer them for auction. 

Find the link here LINK TO THE AUCTION 

The auction ended 6/29/18. Thank you for participating.

Its purpose was to award 100% of the proceeds to the Green Beret Foundation. Don Shipman was one of the original pioneers of the auction and donated his fine cutlery. The concept was recognized by a select group of individuals equally skilled in planning and special event promotion. Through the co-op with the Green Beret Foundation, sponsorships continue to grow, and it is expected that every year will be better than the previous. Truly, a spark that has lit the flames of generosity and acknowledgement of every member of our elite ranks.

If you’re just now finding our event, mark your calendars to find us year in and year out at this time. It’ll be held starting every June 19th of each year. We picked June 19th because that’s the day the initial Special Forces unit was established in 1952, commanded by Colonel Aaron Bank.

It would be best to find and follow us on FB so you can see early items each year. Remember Bid High and bid often as this benefits a Great cause. There’s nothing better than seeing a 4X overbid.


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Who We Are

We are former and current Green Berets who find and investigate those who falsely claim to be a Green Beret. We will never out someone unless we are 100% certain via FOIA and Bragg.

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SuperUser Account:

No Idea. It's hard to follow up on these guys as the workload is very heavy. We expose them and move on.

william frank grist:

Great site I am glad to see it in operation. William Frank Grist SF

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

He's also a registered sex offender....and a scum bag.

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

I think this is well known by this point - but for added extra bonus actually is a REAL registered sex offender. This guy is a danger to the community in a multitude of ways & he shows no shame or remorse & he's also a real d-bag. He needs to get locked up.

Brian M Whitney:

Is he still getting 100% disability or was he ever? Whats the deal with this story?

Don Canaday:

Every time some faker claiming to be SF gets in trouble or acts up, it can reflect badly on us in the media. Another reason to point them out when they present themselves.


Wow! I am stupefied that a sex offender would expose himself to so much attention and expect the truth to not come out...


I refuse to believe any SF or Operator would wear that bow tie, just saying.


Usually when I see a guy with this much shite on a vest, jacket and hats he does not pass the smell test. If you screaming that loud "look at me I am a hero" you probably aren't.


I guess he spent 1 year and 5 months as a pivot man and is trying to reclaim his dignity. Sorry never going to happen now.

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