One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.

Timothy Montgomery, Green Beret... NOT!!

Timothy Montgomery, fake Green Beret and Pastor.

He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight. Psalm 101:7 King James Version (KJV)

Tim Montgomery was sent to us by a number of his parishioners. They thought some of his stories about being a high speed Green Beret were a little too far out there.

Well, it turns out all of them were because Timothy never served a day in the military.

What follows are excerpts of emails from various people who went on record of having heard his claims.

Here is a small excerpt of a sermon he did that has him claiming to be an SFQC Graduate Timothy Montgomery and his SF Claims

Email 1:

 Hi! I am wondering if you will search whether the following man, Timothy Brett Montgomery, has been in Special Forces. He is our pastor of a small church during the past 8 years. Many of his sermons include lots of examples of his experience in the SF, and about his friends there, and the men he led. He has told us that he was a SF leader – which of course leads us to think he’s the best of the best. This is a HUGE identity for him!

 The problem is, we have one congregant that is claiming that all if it is a lie, and that Timothy is using the stories of someone he knew closely (who actually was in SF) to pretend and ultimately lie to all of us. This is a huge concern, because as you may well imagine, one would expect a man of God to be honest, if anything. 

Is it possible for you to search the following name, to see if he was in SF? Timothy Brett Montgomery. Not sure when he served, but it would be 25 or more years ago? 

Email 2:

Timothy Brett Montgomery tells people that he joined the military at age 16 by lying about his age, that

He is was in the Special Forces and went through Q course, and that he made his first kill at age 17. He

says he was selected from the Special Forces to be a part of a DOD hunter/killer group, because Delta

was more a reactionary force and they needed a group that would take out bad guys before they

attacked us. He says that the first team he was a part of were all killed, and that he was made team

leader at age 20 because everyone but his best friend thought he was older. He says most of this second

team was killed as well, and that one of his friends from the team went by the call sign Kildar who is

currently working for a PMC moving guns and doing executive protection details. He says that though he

went in enlisted, they made him a Major as a part of being in the DOD group because no one questions

an officer on an airfield as soldiers come and go, but they may question an NCO. He says that one of the

jobs he was tasked with as a part of this group was leading the protection detail for the Secretary of

Defense which required him to go through a number of protection courses, including the Secret

Service’s and the Nine Lives Associates. He has a lot of stories about his time in the hunter/killer groups,

many of them sound like they come out of Marcinko’s Rogue Warrior, including a story about being

tasked with testing defenses and faking a kidnapping where he actually kidnapped an Admiral and upset

him so much that he had to hide and was unable to even access his bank account, which had $300,000,

for fear this Admiral would find him. He also has a story about being in Africa and going to rescue a

woman from being raped but instead he was captured and tortured for six weeks while his team had to

arrange a rescue operation without the help of the Navy because they refused to provide a send off ship

for the team and they had to travel across hundreds of miles of Africa to get in and out, and that this

time of torture is where his jaw was broken, for which he had to have surgery in 2014. He claims to hate

the VA and that he had to pay for the jaw surgery on his own because the records of his service are

classified and he couldn’t prove it was a service-related injury. He claims to be so famous within the

Special Forces circle that he is recruited by Erik Prince and Academi to do PMC team leading and

training, that they offer him million dollar contracts to train and lead, that he has given talks to large

groups of military and PMCs on leadership, and that he has done executive protection work for senior

government officials with Academi at events like the Superbowl.

Email 3:

Here's the write up for my experience with Timothy Brett Montgomery:

Timothy Brett Montgomery claimed to be a former Special Forces member with Q course training and other special forces credentials. He used to tell stories about doing security for high profile officials in the US government and at the Olympics. He claimed to be well connected in the Special Forces community and had many stories about this, but I never met any of his associates he talked about regularly. When I decided to look into these claims further, I discovered that he had no enlistment record, for which he had already claimed it was because they were a top secret organization. He claimed to be part of an elite unit hand picked out of the regular forces to pre-emptively strike "bad actors" in foreign governments. But a friend of mine who did serve in the Special Forces confirmed that he would always have an enlistment record from the Armed Forces. There were many other suspicious things that I looked into and later discovered were lies.

He also claimed to be a Pastor and was Pastor of a church I went to in Denver for a while. He claimed to have been a Pastor of a church in LA called The Well that he had started after leaving another church led by a Pastor named Jay. There were always questions in my mind if these things were true, so I started looking into them. I discovered that his church in LA dissolved because he had an affair with a church member while they were both married. They ended up divorced and married to each other. He then left her when she was caught embezzling from her company using the company credit card to buy things for their lifestyle a few years later. I discovered that he was married more times than he claimed, and that he was not even legally divorced when he got married to another church member from the church in Denver after divorcing his current wife who he ad married a while after moving back to Denver from LA. I also discovered that he never filed paperwork for this new marriage, and I don't think his new wife even knows this. He has been married and divorced more times than he ever tells. An internet records search will tell you he's been married and divorced ~6 times, but I discovered from others in his past that he has had other faked marriages and annulments that don't show up in the public records.

He also claimed to have a degree from Fuller Seminary, but a records search by their staff shows no record of him ever attending. People close to him in his past said he used to meet with people from there in "Discipleship meetings" and that's probably where these stories come from. The Pastor from the church in LA where he was supposed "sent" from said he had to kick him out because he wouldn't stop "discipling" young women from the church in one-on-one meetings, several of which had come forth claiming he had seduced them into inappropriate physical relations. I discovered many of his stories come from stories told him by others, peppered with a little truth from his own life. I'm sure he will come up with an explanation for why this is here too. He always has a good story for why people do such things to him. He's always the center of it all. He's a very good confidence man. Always meets one on one and gains the confidence of people so he can have their trust when things like this come out so they will believe his story rather than others'. Hopefully this will help them see him for who he is before they get conned and waste their time and love on him like so many I know have. Hopefully this will wake him up and he'll turn it around before the God he claims protects him stops and gives him over to his depravity permanently.


So what are his claims vs facts:

Going through SFAS (Selection). FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

Going through the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course). FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

Joining the Army at 16. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

First kill at 17. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

SF Leader. FALSE, He neverserved a single day in the military.

DOD hunter/killer group. FALSE, NOT as a Green Beret. He never served a single day in the military.

Enlisted and they made him a Major. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

He says that the first team he was a part of were all killed, and that he was made team leader at age 20 because everyone but his best friend thought he was older. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

Protection detail for the Secretary of Defense. FALSE, if he can send us proof, we will remove this

Testing defenses and faking a kidnapping where he actually kidnapped an Admiral and upset him so much that he had to hide and was unable to even access his bank account, which had $300,000, for fear this Admiral would find him. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

Being in Africa and going to rescue a woman from being raped but instead he was captured and tortured for six weeks. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

Records of his service are classified. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

He couldn’t prove his injury is service-related because records are classified. FALSE, He never served a single day in the military.

Listen, if he went through Selection and the Q-course, we would see record of him. There are secret missions, there are no secret Green Berets. We checked the SF Schoolhouse, SCRA, ATRRS, and NPRC. If he was a GB, we would have found him. 

These claims he makes are ludicrous. It's hard to believe anybody would begin to believe him.

Timothy Montgomery, you'll now be added to Hall of Zeroes


After this article was done, we had two people reach out and ask if we searched his name under Thore Montgomery. We would have received that result during our first search. That being said, we decided to ask a second time.

The results are the same Neither name served a day in the military. His NPRC search using Thore is now added in the picture section also






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This is almost unbelievable. This guy wanted to be a Green Beret so bad he faked it to the grave. It must have been awesome to him to take on a persona. Feeling like a hero, getting recognition, and being treated like a hero in addition to fellowship with real warriors was too much to pass up. It must have felt good. I'm sure he could have joined the military. He just didn't think it was worth it. He could have everything without dropping a single iota of blood, sweat, or tears. I feel sorry for his family. This guy is to me obviously mentally ill. I guess he never thought he would hurt and shame his family to the extent he ended up doing so. To any potential fakers. Let this guy be a lesson to you. If you want what we have, just join the military. Don't do this to your family and friends.


I just want to thank Guardians of the Green Beret. I had no idea this problem was so widespread. These phonies do a great disservice to all us real Green Berets. Yes, I am a Green Beret. They give a false representation of who we are, what we are, and what we represent. These phonies are almost always criminal otherwise in my opinion. Good job Guardians of the Green Beret. People probably don't realize what it would be like for me to ever actually meet a phony Green Beret. Offensive is not the word. I don't think there is a word for all the things that would go through my mind.


is that white shirt even a thing? i never knew that

Johnny O:

Ol' "Sarge" here talking all kinds of crap and stuff after he was exposed...LOL

Johnny O:

It's really pathetic that people try to get away with this type of stuff. I spent 23 years in the Army and retired in 2006 and although would have loved to to be a part of a Special Forces or Ranger unit and go through all of the training, never did it. And it just amazes me the lengths that people will go through to embellish military service.

Jacob Martin:

Question: There's a photo of him with two "fatboys" wearing berets, are either of them actually SF? The one in the middle sure doesn't wear his beret correctly (might be an officer)! lol


Impressive bio. Rambo, Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) and Chuck Norris all rolled into one. They have a song named for him "Superman, Where Are You Now".


I don't know much about a military uniform BUT his pants are WAY too long...they bunch up on tops of his shoes and basically drag the ground in the back. Also, there was a pic of him with a lady...outside...without a cover. Hmm.


Someone collected this man's entire saga here:

Warning: you'll spend hours on this website.

Brother Of Brian Magyar:

9 June 2020

Ya' know, instead of considering why someone does what he does, like assholes, ya' jump to foul comments about someone ya' never met, or know anything about ….

I'd call our parents white trash, but that would be an insult to white trash ….

Brain went into the United States Army after July 1975, after I went into the United States Navy in that July ….

We both got out of Boot in September of 75' ….

That was the last I ever saw of him ????

Neither of us wanted to go into the Military, but we were kicked out he house by our mother, to call her a mother is also an insult to all mothers ....

If you ever saw the movie " Mommy Dearest " , then ya' might have some idea what our childhood was like ….

The only thing that put the smile on our mother's face was when she was beating the living shit out of her boys, buckle end first ….

In the late sixties, early seventies, Brian and I never did drugs, alcohol, or commit any crimes ….

As a kid, Brian always wanted to be part of a group, gang, whatever ….

I loved karate, so I walked the path of bushido, honor and face above all ….

Always a team player, but still a loner ….

People tell me I'm a veteran, but I'm quick to say that in my eight years in the United States Navy, ( 1975-1979 active, - 1983 reserve ),

I never carried a gun, or, was ever in any danger ….

Most of it on sea duty, all fun and games, and going over seas, but, after all, sailors belong at sea ….

Just as I was getting off active duty, I made Second Class Petty Officer, IC-2, N.E.C. ( M.O.S.) 4713, telecommunications,,,,

telephone man ….

Honorably discharged, I display that along with my DD-214

I'm now sixty-three, and retiring from the telephone company ….

So,,, no comments about me ….

It's been forty-five years now ….

Brian is my younger brother, but I understand him just the same …..

Kind'a like a car salesman, he always needed that affirmation from others ….

He still needs what he never got from our mother,,,, to be loved, appreciated, admired, respected ….

As a kid, he loved the song " Ballard of the Green Berets " ….

He wasn't stealing glory, but imitating that which he admired the most in the United States Army,,,, the Green Berets ….

When I read the comments about Brain, as I suspect, real Green Berets, and other Army Special Forces,,,, are much like United States Marines, United States Navy Seals, and now Antifa protesters ….

And I met a few Marines and Seals ( claiming ) during my time in the Navy ….

They are only really tough when the other guy can't fight back, shit-for-brains bullies ….

My proof, Viet Nam, Granada, Fallujah, Pakistan ….

As far as I know, you tough guys never faced real Soviet, Chinese, Iranian, or any other real Special Forces on equal footing ….

Hell, the real Rambo's in Viet Nam was the Viet Cong …..

And they kicked the ( bull ) shit out of you smart mouth's ….

When I was aboard ship, the only time I found our who went to Viet Nam was during dress inspections, when they wore their ribbons on their chest ….

They never talked about it, I assume it was the most horrifying times of their lives ….

Had Brian had good parents, good home, good schooling, a good life, I have no doubt he would have proudly earned the ribbons on his chest ….

In the United States Navy, I only earned an overseas service ribbon, and a good conduct ribbon, which I never wore, but are now on my old Navy uniform for when I pass away ….

Brian is, and always will be my brother, we suffered too much together as kids, and I appreciate the fact he is imitating the best the United States Army had to offer,,, in his time ….

And if you can't appreciate his admiration of the Green Berets, YA' can kiss my Navy Blue ass ….

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