One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret.

Tyler Thomas Latvala, Green Beret… NOT!!

Here we present Tyler Latvala.

Sometimes you ask yourself WTF? Why even expose someone so silly that it's obvious he was never a Green Beret. Well, often people that were never in the service, simply don't know what's correct and take most at face value. A few years ago we gave a guy a pass and a year later he was up to the same lie. No more passes.

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We received this email from Tyler's roommate:

My  room mate is claiming to be a Green Beret Special Forces. He is only 20 years old and conceal carries a gun, he says he can because he is on the Isis hit list.

His name is Tyler Thomas Latvala 

He graduated the Army at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 10/15/15

Basic Combat training 434th -Field artillery brigade

He claims he was stationed in San Antonio Texas.

E2 is on most of his paperwork we seen, although he wears Sergeant patches and claims he just got ranked up to sergeant last month. 

HE says he was deployed 12/28/17 to Afghanistan and came back on Sun. Jan.31, 2017 and was hit in head with a sledgehammer

HE says he was deployed 11/27/17 overseas and grenade went off by his head

HE says he was deployed 10/13/17 to Bolivia and was shot 3 times these missions only are for one or two days. Every time he comes home there isn't one single bruise or mark on him.

Then 11/24/17 he claims that his team was over in Afghanistan for a week but Tyler was approved not to go because I had just got in a car accident. I had a bunch of friends over for thanksgiving. In the middle of dinner I got a text from his Lieutenant ( Raines) claiming that they were getting shot at and that Tyler had to drive to our local base (Pax) and put in coordinates to fire a drone over there to where his Quick Reaction Force team was. 

He claims that he is on a special forces 1st group team. This is apparently a quick reaction force team. He is on a 4 man team. They are known as the broadsword. His caller ID is reaper122. His team consist of his Lieutenant Raines, Tyler (combat medic HIMSELF), Todd XXXXXX  (who he apparently goes to college of southern Maryland with), and the sniper who they call Silent. I have asked Tyler what "Silent" real name is and he said he doesn't know. 

Tyler said that I had to get a top security clearance in order for him to tell me certain information about missions, where he is going, and what he is doing. He had his "Lieutenant Raines" text me who I have never spoke on the phone with. Raines asked me questions that even Tyler would know. He said that nothing came up in my background except that I fought in high school and that I have a friend in Germany. All of which Tyler knew. Tyler said since I had nothing in my background that the NSA gave his Lieutenant permission to give me a security clearance, 

He claims that I am that I am the only one who knows about him being a green beret. Even his family and friends have no idea. He claims that he is a combat medic. After Medic school he went to school to be a green beret. He claims his family thought he was still in medic school so they don't know anything. Apparently a week into green beret training the command staff asked everyone who was a combat medic and Tyler Latvala raised his hand. So they sent him to Afghanistan and apparently he earned his green beret over in Afghanistan even though he never completed the training. He claims that while over in Afghanistan his whole platoon died and that Tyler was shot in the head with an ak47 that caused a tumor that causes seizures. He claims that he was shipped from Afghanistan to a base in Germany to have facial reconstruction surgery and recover and then from Germany they shipped him to Texas. He said that the army told his parents though that he got hurt in medic school because he was doing defense tactics and fell on a cinder block and that caused the tumor. 

Tyler is 20 years old and always conceal carries. We live in Maryland. You have to be 21 years old to own and possess a hand gun. I know Tyler owns at least two hand guns, and AR, Shot gun, and a world war 2 rifle. Tyler conceal carries a glock 19 everywhere he goes. The guns he owns don't even have serial numbers on them. 

Tyler apparently has to get me a security clearance to tell me information about missions. His family and friends don't even know he is a green beret but yet he has told all my friends he is a green beret. He has went in detail about certain missions, and when he is leaving for missions. I don't believe that you can go to countries like Bolivia and Afghanistan in a day. 

Tyler is on the GI Bill because he goes to our local community college. He gets veterans affairs and disability for his tumor. I have even seen X-ray scans of his tumor. I don't get how you can be on disability with the military and be active on a quick reaction force team. I know he gets money from veterans affairs because that is how he pays his half of rent because Tyler doesn't work. Tyler just so happens to ONLY go to training when I am working and is always back from training before I get home. He claims that before thanksgiving his team had to move President Trump from the White House down to North Carolina. Tyler claims to have killed at least 47 people and that is why he is on Isis Hit list.

His medals I have seen and Pins and awards he claims:

Purple Heart and Medal of Honor: never seen. He said that his ex fiancé had all his pins that she wouldn't give them back. Then one day she mailed them back and he gave the box to his uncle to put in his grandmother's safe. I asked Tyler if I could see the medals and he advised that he didn't know the combination to the safe.

I have seen his: Airborne pin, combat medic pin, special forces patch, and 10th mountain division patch. He even wears his sergeant patch on him now (even though every paper I see says he is an E2). He wears his green beret everywhere. My friend XXXXX even saw Tyler driving with it on his head one day. I looked inside his green beret for an id number but the only thing in it was a website called Jensen apparel. This website you can literally order berets off of. 

Sooo, we reached out to Tyler and he caved in a millisecond.  He sent us a letter of apology and sent all his fake crap back to the Green Beret Foundation (link here).

From Tyler Latvala, fake Green Beret:


I would just like to again, convey how truly sorry I am.

I was completely in the wrong and I believe that there is absolutely no excuse.

I am going to do my best to earn my respect back.

I do not believe I am a bad person, just someone who made a serious mistake for which I am prepared to face the consequences for, and do my best to make right.

Impersonation of a Green Beret is no joke, and at will not be tolerated again.

Inclosed in the package you will find the US Army Green Beret, two SF tabs and one set of Airborne tabs.

I do not deserve to have them in my possession. So I gave them to who I thought right.

He als included a hand written letter in the package sent back to the Green Beret Foundation.

Some of the screen shots that his friend sent to Tyler's roommate pretending to be Lt. Raines are comical.

Tyler Latvala, Fake Green Beret, you'll now be added to Hall of Fakes, Frauds, and Phonies



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Recent comments

Jory Jory:

I don't know what to say. He is such a silver tongue devil. He slid into our lives and we fell for his line of BS. This was back in the late 80's/early 90's. Met him in a local biker bar, he was a musician. I said, Thank you and welcome home. I lent him $$. I introduced him to a friend and that turned into a nightmare. Boy, he's got a special place in heaven. On a nicer note, Thanks so much for this site

SuperUser Account:

No Idea. It's hard to follow up on these guys as the workload is very heavy. We expose them and move on.

william frank grist:

Great site I am glad to see it in operation. William Frank Grist SF

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

He's also a registered sex offender....and a scum bag.

U.S. Naval Aircrewman (90-95):

I think this is well known by this point - but for added extra bonus actually is a REAL registered sex offender. This guy is a danger to the community in a multitude of ways & he shows no shame or remorse & he's also a real d-bag. He needs to get locked up.

Brian M Whitney:

Is he still getting 100% disability or was he ever? Whats the deal with this story?

Don Canaday:

Every time some faker claiming to be SF gets in trouble or acts up, it can reflect badly on us in the media. Another reason to point them out when they present themselves.


Wow! I am stupefied that a sex offender would expose himself to so much attention and expect the truth to not come out...


I refuse to believe any SF or Operator would wear that bow tie, just saying.


Usually when I see a guy with this much shite on a vest, jacket and hats he does not pass the smell test. If you screaming that loud "look at me I am a hero" you probably aren't.

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