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George Davila, Fake Green Beret and his wife Eva Davila the enabler

Today we share George Davila, fake Green Beret, and his wife Eva Davila who knowingly aided and abetted him in his lie. The text in this color was added by us to help clarify or remove names.

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All information in this article,  names, addresses (if shared) are either with permission or no longer in use, phone numbers (if shared), contact info (if shared), statements, documents have been shared with permission from those it was received from. George's military records were received via FOIA from NPRC. The same as all other records we share in our articles.

This is a case we've had for far too long yet never seem to have time to finish it. Well, on 4/21/18, we received another email that George and Eva Davila were still running the lie so we decided we had to move this back up to the front and work it until finished. Below is an email we received from an individual close to the case:

Eva Davila introduced herself to my wife at a local rotary club meeting as a 20th SFG wife.  As the Executive Director of the Green Beret Foundation and leader of a program called “Steel Mags” created for SF wives, XXX was interested in learning more about another SF wife in the San Antonio area.  

George Davila introduced himself to my wife, other GBF employees, and myself as a former 18C from Maryland 20th SFG.  

George used his association with the El Paso Chapter of the SFA to establish his background as an SF soldier in the San Antonio region. George claimed his brother was the El Paso chapter lead (President).  

My wife wanted to meet a mother of 2 SF soldiers for the Steel Mags and was told “I was the smart one and joined the NG and my brother is the dumb one going AD with 7th SFG” and claimed their mother was dead.

George has been published multiple times in the media as a 20 year veteran on the 20th SFG. 

We started to realize that mutual acquaintances we should have from 20th SFG did not know George.  

We started a FOIA investigation (Via  due to multiple discrepancies.  

The FOIA request found no records twice within the NPCR database, we are conducting a 3rd search now and requesting an official letter of no records found. (GOTGB finally received a result on the 3rd request)

We asked the SF community of 5500+ SF soldiers (A forum called SF Brothers) if anyone had served with George and could attest to his service.  No one can attest to it.

We reached out to his supposed brother from the El Paso SFA chapter and have been told that they met in 2013 for the first time at the SFA convention in San Antonio.  They are not blood-related but have become good friends for the past 3 years.  This person, Pete (Removed last name), claims to have never discussed military service with George and cannot attest to 18 series claims.

Pete made George aware of our investigation and George is refusing to provide any documentation of his military service claiming this is a witch hunt.  

George has been made aware of our inability to find him in the NPCR database and told us that his records exist, but cannot be accessed online or through FOIA requests despite claims of service from 1987-2006 and retirement with 19 yrs and 2 months in service.

George showed military records to one SF soldier by the name of Dave (Removed last name) yesterday, but will not allow any copies to be made.  Dave was able to verify the SSN we are using is correct and states that the records appear to be “wrong”.

George continues to refuse to provide his DD214 or any record in a verifiable format, including his military ID.  Although he verified that we have the correct DOB, SSN, and name.  

George has retracted his statement of being SF and is currently using the following story, stating that is it very embarrassing to him, which is why he does not want his records seen: He was a National Guard MP with allegations of spousal abuse. He RCP’d out of the NG but was told he could go to the reserves.  He became Counter Intelligence with the reserves and guarded a SCIF.  Then he switched to Civil Affairs and filled in for an 18F with a team from 20th SFG.  George disagreed with an O-6 in AFG because "too many guys got killed and the Colonel wanted to send more guys to die” so he assaulted him.  Despite assaulting the Colonel, he was never given an article 15 because everyone felt he was justified in his outrage.,  but this lead to him being removed from the Army. - I don’t think I need to point out the holes in this current claim.  

George claims to have “saved the life” of Marty (Removed last name), a 20th SFG soldier in 2003.  Marty is a friend and previous SOCOM LNO who helped me at Walter Reed, so I contacted him and Marty does not know George. Marty stated that they had an 18F on their team, so no CA guy would have been used.

We have come to find out that the Davila’s currently have multiple allegations of theft/embezzlement from foundations.  One being the GBF as prior to Eva’s association with the foundation the Davila’s won an auction item at a fundraiser for $500.  They took the item and bounced the check to the auctioneer.  We recently checked with the auctioneer who states that Eva told him that she had recently undergone surgery and divorce and she could not afford it.  We know this to not be true.  They have been married for 13+ years. Yesterday Eva told my wife that they paid for the auction item.  

 We are continuing to find other individuals that have been misled by false claims.  20th SFG is checking their paper archives today but was unable to find George in their online database.  There are many issues with their story and recent interactions with foundations around San Antonio.  

Please let me know if I can provide any further information and apologies for any conjecture and “he said, she said” that is an unavoidable aspect of these potential stolen valor cases.  There are many more statements and actions of theirs in question at the moment, but I have attempted to not turn this into a high school drama.  I am 100% sure you have real issues to deal with that are far more important.

Thank you,

 (Name Removed)

Tel: 505- (Removed)

Soooo, that's the foundation of this article. Here's what we know:

Both George Davila and his wife Eva Davila have on multiple occasions, and for years claimed that George Davila was an 18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant, an 18F SF Intel Sergeant, that he received the Bronze Star for heroic actions that should have been a Silver Star or higher, and that he served in the 20th SFG(A)... ALL FALSE

Since we started this investigation, we've contacted many that have been associated with the Davila's. ALL we have talked to have heard them say he was an 18C/18F and was a Green Beret in the 20th. That in and of itself would have been enough for us to do an article on him. But... It seems Eva Davila was a huge part of his lie also, and when the SHTF at the Green Beret Foundation, Eva was overheard on a call to George that "They are onto us".  

Usually, we don't involve friends and family, but in this case, we know beyond doubt that Eva Davila was a significant part of the deceit and charade that helped the Davila's infiltrate the SF and Military community in and around San Antonio. Thus enabling them to gain financially using those false claims.

Here is a statement from Dave MXXXXXXX on what George told him on the day he saw George Davila'a records:

Davila also stated that he was accused of Spouse Abuse in the 80s and
was RCP'd out of the service.

Davila also said that his "embarrassing" issue that got him sent home
was that, "I told a Full Bird Colonel that he was risking the lives of
his men and I shoved him with his shoulder.  They considered that
assault on a superior officer and I got a field grade article 15."


George Davila was NEVER a Green Beret of any kind

He was:

NEVER an 18C

NEVER an 18F

NEVER in the 20th Special Forces Group

NEVER even Airborne

NEVER saved the life of Marty XXXXXXXX

NEVER almost received the Silver Star "or higher" as he claims

NEVER spent 20 years in the service as he claims

NEVER even attempted the Special Forces Qualification course as he claims when he was giving advice to a young man getting ready to go.

NEVER hit a COL as he claims. (how does he think anybody would even begin to believe that level 10 Bullshit)

IS NOT a blood brother with the same mom as the president of a local SFA Chapter as he claims (verified by the guy himself he said was his brother)




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4/27/2018 11:08 AM

If you have something to add to the case, email us at:

We'll never share your name unless you say you want it shared.

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4/30/2018 8:48 AM

This guy was all around San Antonio, TX making his rounds selling himself as a Green Beret! When the questions about his service started to come in from common soldiers, it was quickly discovered that he was a complete fraud. No one at the San Antonio Silver Wings Airborne Association, Special Forces Association, has ever heard of him!

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SuperUser Account:

He probably never will. The 7th Grp picture he pretends is his is an ODA from the mid-'80s. We've identified all men in the picture. It also looks like he added a Ranger Tab to his website. He's never before claimed Ranger so this is strange.

He and Mike Mika (President of SFA Ch 34) threatened to sue the SFA National if they didn't rescind the letter they sent us, give Rudi a formal apology, and re-instate him as a member in good standing. Of course SFA National refused and nothing came of his idle threat.

Mike Mika has twice, along with Rudi Gresham the fake Green Beret claimed that Rudi spent 12 years in the S.C. National Guard and that's where he attained the rank of LTC. Neither time were they able to produce records that baked up that statement.

SGT P - Rakkasan:

I just looked at his personal website, and it still has a picture autographed by General Yarborough, and a statement that says he served as Yarborough’s Aide. When will this clown give it up? I took screen shots.

Rick Upton:

Why is he working for the VA?


First of all, thank you folks for what you do, what you’ve done, and what you’re willing to do.

Secondly, it is my hope that Mr Prouix owns up to his lies. I have been watching this story and it disgusts me that there are people who would assume to receive the accolades deserved, but never sought, by better, braver, stronger men.

Mr Prouix needs to be exposed. Well done.


This is almost unbelievable. This guy wanted to be a Green Beret so bad he faked it to the grave. It must have been awesome to him to take on a persona. Feeling like a hero, getting recognition, and being treated like a hero in addition to fellowship with real warriors was too much to pass up. It must have felt good. I'm sure he could have joined the military. He just didn't think it was worth it. He could have everything without dropping a single iota of blood, sweat, or tears. I feel sorry for his family. This guy is to me obviously mentally ill. I guess he never thought he would hurt and shame his family to the extent he ended up doing so. To any potential fakers. Let this guy be a lesson to you. If you want what we have, just join the military. Don't do this to your family and friends.


I just want to thank Guardians of the Green Beret. I had no idea this problem was so widespread. These phonies do a great disservice to all us real Green Berets. Yes, I am a Green Beret. They give a false representation of who we are, what we are, and what we represent. These phonies are almost always criminal otherwise in my opinion. Good job Guardians of the Green Beret. People probably don't realize what it would be like for me to ever actually meet a phony Green Beret. Offensive is not the word. I don't think there is a word for all the things that would go through my mind.


is that white shirt even a thing? i never knew that

Johnny O:

Ol' "Sarge" here talking all kinds of crap and stuff after he was exposed...LOL

Johnny O:

It's really pathetic that people try to get away with this type of stuff. I spent 23 years in the Army and retired in 2006 and although would have loved to to be a part of a Special Forces or Ranger unit and go through all of the training, never did it. And it just amazes me the lengths that people will go through to embellish military service.

Jacob Martin:

Question: There's a photo of him with two "fatboys" wearing berets, are either of them actually SF? The one in the middle sure doesn't wear his beret correctly (might be an officer)! lol

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